Our mission is to guarantee quality and safety.

The mission of MB Patented MT company is to produce reliable and effective biological products that help regulate the functioning of the intestinal /symbiotic= conditionally-pathogenic/ microflora and stabilize the immune system.

The company’s products help to protect and detoxify the body, activate the phagocytic process.

Production is based on scientific research and innovation in the field of microbiology. We focus on the selection of sustainable strains of microorganisms with documented efficacy and safety.

It is well known that maintaining a healthy gut microbiota is an axiom of biosystem well-being.

Our team of scientists and specialists constantly monitors production to stay at the forefront of nanobiotechnology. Thus, seeing ourselves as socially responsible, we guarantee everyone access to the quality products of our company.

By establishing proper quality control at each stage of production, we ensure that the products meet the high-class quality and safety standards.

The products are manufactured in such a way as to guarantee maximum viability and stability of microorganisms during transportation and storage.


Restoration of dysfunctions, with guarantee of recovery of the total biosystem..


Treatment and prevention of diseases, using technology based on scientific evidence.


Total recovery of the genotype without medication, with supplements of exclusively natural origin.

In our store you will find exclusive products of our production with discounts. You won’t find this anywhere else. You can choose any quantity, arrange a special service with us and receive your order anywhere in the world. Our quality meets the high standards of the European Union.

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About the preparation OMARIDIN™

An ideal food product of an antibiotic nature is one in which the destruction of the entire symbiotic microflora occurs, and the destruction of pathogenic strains, conditionally pathogenic, as well as rotten and fermentable microflora.

Under the action of the drug increases antitumor immunity, increased metabolic processes, decreases the formation of connective tissue in the liver, joints and other organs.

Symbiotic, non-pathogenic microflora for a person can participate in the biosynthesis of vitamins: folic acid and biotin and partially paraaminobenzoic acid.

But in the presence of other routes of receipt of these vitamins (for example, with food or vitamins), the relevance of the presence of microsymbionts in the intestine is significantly reduced.


About the Therapia Imanente®

The patented Imanente® Therapy program includes, among other treatments, the sound resonance therapy complex, based on special sound fragments, taking into account scientifically proven results – such as the experience of the German biophysicist, Professor Fritz-Albert Pop, considered the founder of the science of biophotonics, reveals it.

The use of repertoires of audio complexes, in the therapeutic processes of biophotonics, effectively restores the functionality of the bio-system.
Medicine is sometimes very limited.

Linguistic wave intervention in the process of functioning of chromosomes at material, wave, mental, quantum, photon levels, reveals the ability to restore the lost functions of the genotype.

The patented Imanente Therapy® program has the characteristic of perfectly regulating the recovery development of the biosystem!

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Your DNA holds the key …

Institute of Linguistic and Electromagnetic Wave Genetics

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