About the Therapia Imanente®

General information

There is a generally known fact in science: – both the body as a whole and each organ separately generate energetic electromagnetic frequencies.

In a state of biophysical homeostasis, when an individual is emotionally balanced and healthy, all his organs run in synchronously balanced manner, they emit an energy gamma of a harmonic frequency range similar to the excellent symphony orchestra play.

Various circumstances and stressful situations causing an energy imbalance, vibrations’ failure of the biosystem’s frequency range; a dysfunction of the organ, which is out of the brain’s control appeared from "nowhere", and this is a reason of malaises that are appeared in the form of body diseases.

The patented Program Immanent Therapy®/ Aging Processes Prevention, operating algorithm of which is the use of photobiomodulation-linguistic-wave commands -impulses for interaction with neurons of the brain and Enteric system, successfully recovers the dysfunctional organ functioning and contributes to the proper genotype functioning.

The desired results are achieved using the biased-effective actions’ sequence of the patented Immanent Therapy® Program.

We get impressively positive results since we develop an individual health resumption program for each patient.


Nine reasons to choose it for yourself

  1. The technology is based exclusively on scientifically proven data.

  2. Detection of malaise reasons and their further elimination.

  3. Restoration of dysfunction and diseases prevention.

  4. Probability of therapy usage without age restrictions.

  5. The possibility to use the technology in a convenient for the patient time.

  6. Full-fledged and drug-free genotype recovery without negative side effects.

  7. A strict care in dosage.

  8. Patients' wishes are taken into account.

  9. Guarantee of full recovery of the lost mental and physiological biosystem’s state.


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