The immanent therapy has a key of access to your genetic code through the linguistic-wave influence on DNA

Linguistic electromagnetic wave genetic code.

– Genes are dualistic – they are matter and field simultaneously.
– Field equivalents of chromosomes mark the body space-time and thereby manage the biosystems development.
– Genes have aesthetic-figurative and language-regulatory functions.

Nerve impulses are solitons. In their structure solitons are reflecting RNA-“text”, and, thus, DNA-“text”.
After “reading the genotexts” DNA solitons can leave the ranges of DNA in the form of special electromagnetic fields, in order to find out the necessary sections of other DNA molecules and form new entire”texts”, which the genotype is currently needed to perform biofunctions, including through information transmission into the nerve impulses.

For convenient object detection in metaphorical use, the term RNA-“text” and DNA-“text” scientists “borrowed” at linguists, but it turns out that; – The textual structure of DNA is really similar to human language.
Such wave packets contain bio-information, which is artificially introduced into them and performed by appropriate FPUT radio electronic devices. They are able to enter into resonant informational contact with the genetic apparatus of animals, plants and people with the further their metabolism changes through the commands directed to intended information recipient.

Generation effectiveness of “behest” has been rise substantially when the phenomenon of the mathematical commonality of DNA-“text” fractal structure and human language is used compatibly.
Control experiments with verbal structures /camouflaged linguistic and electromagnetic wave commands/ introduced through FPUT devices into the biosystem genome showed that such directions have nowhere near the influence over the chromosomes integrity. These effects are predicted and verified on the usage-based of mathematical computer models imitating solitons’ “reading” of DNA-“genotexts” and the retransmission commands directed to metabolism, of these texts to other cells and tissues.

Research conducted by the Eugen Fink School at the Max Planck Institute on the collective symmetry of genetic code shows; – Remote control realization of key information processes in biosystems, / through linguistic-electromagnetic wave commands /, help to achieve progress in the treatment of oncological diseases, genetic ugliness, management of social and-evolutional processes and eventually; – Changes of life time.