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An ideal food product of an antibiotic nature is one in which the destruction of the entire symbiotic microflora occurs, and the destruction of pathogenic strains, conditionally pathogenic, as well as rotten and fermentable microflora.

Under the action of the drug increases antitumor immunity, increased metabolic processes, decreases the formation of connective tissue in the liver, joints and other organs.

Symbiotic, non-pathogenic microflora for a person can participate in the biosynthesis of vitamins: folic acid and biotin and partially paraaminobenzoic acid.

But in the presence of other routes of receipt of these vitamins (for example, with food or vitamins), the relevance of the presence of microsymbionts in the intestine is significantly reduced.

According to I. Mechnikov's theory, the beneficial effect of the sour-milk microflora is the timely removal of lactose from the chyme and the non-attachment of fermentation (noise) microflora, which, reacting with lactose, forms a lot of gases and causes flatulence, sometimes with severe consequences for the body.

In addition, excess bacterial flora in the lower intestine leads to leakage of protoplasm from dead bacteria with atypical macrophage proteins and right-turning amino acids and nucleic acids. The consequences of this phenomenon are genotoxicity, the formation of inactive and harmful S-S compounds from the useful and deficient SH-groups, as well as the voltage of the immune system.

As it turned out, the unique functions of lactose digestion, both in vitro (outside the body) and in the intestines, are made by the mushroom saprophyte, which is a leaven in the manufacture of this preparation. It easily cleaves milk lactose, provides a non-lactic chyme, which loses nutritional properties for the microflora, and fermentation stops, all negative effects of the excessive accumulation of bacteria and gases cease.

Mushroom saprophyte secretes antibiotic and it further inhibits the growth of intestinal microflora, including pathogenic. Its antibiotic does not cause

dysbiosis, its action is mild and affects a wide range of bacteria. Already after 3-4 days of taking the drug, the symptoms of inflammation of the intestine, dyspepsi

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